IMC Club Meeting, Thursday April 14th @ 6:30 PM

Dear IMC Club Members,


Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday April 14th.  We have a new location!!


Phone 216-289-4111


This is the airport operations building.


The meeting room is a little hard to find. I have trouble finding it myself, and it is my home airport.  The building has a USA flag flying out front.  Two building west of the Cleveland Jet Center. There is a sign out by the road for T&G Flying club.  Pull in there if you are “driving not flying”.  The entrance is to the left of the building. A door opens into a long hallway.  The meeting room is the second door on the left.


This meeting will include a scenario to view and discuss, as in the past. We’ll talk about the “Top Mistakes Pilots Make” and discuss  future topics of interest to the group and different locations for the meetings.


Our next  will be our  “home opener” held right at the EAA Chapter #5 hanger. The tentative date is Wednesday,  May 18th.  It is located @ 7G8 Middlefield.   There are 900 EAA Chapters across the country and I am told this is one of the best.  I have included a link to see their website.  They have a live webcams including the fabrication of a museum quality Wright Flyer B.  There is also a video of Dave R. flying his  home built Coyote into Oshkosh and landing on the “Green Dot”


This is the link for “my” new EAA chapter #5  (I just joined, $25/yr. What a deal).


Best Regards,


John L Wazney

Cleveland IMC Club

EAA #1144599



440 227-3700

New FAA rule allows more sim time for instrument training

The FAA has issued a rule increasing the number of aviation training device (ATD) hours pilots may count toward an instrument rating. As requested by AOPA, the rule will allow pilots to log up to 20 hours of simulator training time in approved aviation training devices.

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Check out the latest news from RedBird

The January 2015 issue of the RedBird newsletter is here. Follow the link below to view:

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Redbird Prepares for Annual Migration Conference.

Expect to see the future flight training, including TRACE instructional technology, a “connected airplane,” the VTO Helicopter Simulator, and RedHawk training aircraft.

The suMigrationConf_2014mmer airshow season has finished, but the Redbird team is hard at work preparing for the company’s flagship event: The Migration Flight Training Conference. Migration will be held October 27-29, 2014 at Redbird’s San Marcos Skyport training laboratory. This fall’s event will be the fourth Migration conference, and will offer more interactive sessions and more topic areas than ever before. The four most important topics will be student-led, experiential learning in simulators; a “connected” airplane that plays a direct role in student training, the economics of all-diesel training fleets, and motion simulation’s role in reducing primary helicopter training times.

“Migration is where we open the doors to our customers and show how specific Redbird products or projects fit into our ultimate goal of revitalizing the industry,” says Charlie Gregoire, VP of Sales and Marketing for Redbird Flight Simulations. “For example, the Flying Challenge Cup was a terrific success. It proved TRACE technology can teach pilot skills without an instructor on board, so we’ll build on that system for our Guided Independent Flight Training, GIFT, system. However, it also showed how our efforts to reach potential pilots fell far short of our needs. So it’s time to break out from traditional challenges and find new ways to reach tomorrow’s students.”

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Eagle Flight Simulator Video

Be sure to watch our new Eagle Flight Simulator Video, which will give you a taste of what it’s like in the Redbird SD AATD, Cessna 182.


Eagle Flight Simulator launches new website

Eagle Flight Simulation is please to announce the launch of our new web site. The new site features a multitude of photos of our simulator, as well as state-of-the-art facility. Additionally, an exciting video demo of our simulator is presented, showcasing the incredible and unmatched realism offered for training pilots.